Get Ready For a Transformation!

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"Just wanted to take a minute to Thank all of you who have responded to my request to share information regarding your surveys! I have received a lot of great information and am looking forward to learning from all of you! I must say, every business who has a tour operation of any kind should become a member of GRA, where else do you find yourself surrounded by so many friends who are willing to help!!!

Thank you all,"

Crystal Herr Messaros, Herr's Snack Factory


"GRA has been the most educational, motivational resource that I have found. The members are willing to share their experiences to help other members. In the end, this saves time and money for our company."

Jennifer Arrigo, Herr Foods Inc.


GRA offers a network of resources to call upon on so many issues and topics that face our operations daily. On many occasions, we have been able to collect data from other organizations to implement change in our tour program. GRA is one of the best resources available to me to help manage my business!

Amy Warner, Harley-Davidson Motor Company

From day one of being a member of GRA I have benefited greatly.  When we started our tour/store program here at Sweet Candy Co. in 2005, without GRA I would have been totally clueless.  I have and continue to learn so much from GRA conferences and other members about safety, various tour problem solving, products for store sales, staffing problems and solutions, training....  The list goes on and on!  Thank you GRA!

Venice Andersen, Sweet Candy Co.


GRA membership is a battery charger! It reminds me that I am not alone with my challenges, whether it be tour or gift shop. GRA members are intelligent, witty, caring and sharing individuals. I am truly connected all over the USA, any day, any time.

Morgan Bacigalupi, Jelly Belly Co.

The ability to benchmark with others who are in the same industry is very valuable.

Daniel Easton, World of Coca-Cola


Just knowing there is support available at any time.

Brenden Hackett, Martin Guitar Co.


The GRA is the most efficient way to access professionals in this unique area. Fast way to get questions answered and problems solved.

Steve Spencer, Celestial Seasonings


The GRA gives me an international network of experts in tour programs and guest elations. The benchmarking opportunities available at every annual conference are invaluable.

David Carpenter, Toyota


I learn something new every year. We are implementing an audio program I heard about in a GRA presentation. Celebrating our 30th year, I'm planning graphics (similar to what) I saw at Coca-Cola and History Displays @ Coors.

Sara Sheldon, Leanin' Tree Museum


My Company started public tours three years. I've been a one person "show" since then and was in need of some fresh ideas. Attending my first GRA conference designed specifically for people who do factory tours was extremely worthwhile to me personally- I found encouragement and advice from experienced professionals, and for my company -I came home with many helpful ideas that will improve our visitor's tour experience. Thanks GRA

Christie Coykendall, Bob's Red Mill